who we are


Bringing out the soul and passion of streetfood

Poporo is foremost a small family business with people at it’s centre. Our restaurant is small and easily approacable, just as we hope you, our customers to see it also.

Welcome to drop by and have a chat and why not a cup of coffee!

Elena Gomez


I am Elena Gomez and I opened Poporo in Porvoo, Finland in February 2019.

I’ve lived in Finland already since the beginning of the millenium and have fallen in love especially to the clean nature. Despite the coldness of the winter I’ve learned to enjoy the different seasons of the year and the change they bring to nature and life in general.

I’m also eternally gratefull for the friends I’ve made here and the support I’ve received through my life here – including this restaurant project! Not forgetting my sister who travelled all the way here to help me open Poporo!

I hope to see you in Poporo in the future!