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A white corn bread with different fillings. Our most popular product and street food at it’s best. Easy to eat, fills up your stomach and leaves your mouth salivating!

In Poporo the masa (dough) for both the arepa and empanada is hand made from real corn. This is the most important ingredient as a proper arepa will be crispy, chewy and soft from the inside with just the right amount of bite. That’s why we work so hard in creating the dough from the scratch.


A delicious yellow corn pastry filled with different ingredients from meat to vegetables to sweet deliciousness! In colombia empanadas are something of a national treasure where you eat them virtually every day. There are empanaderias which only sell empanadas and nothing else.

Poporo fries

French fries are used as much in Colombia as everywhere else in the world. What we do a bit differently are the side dishes served with fries.

Our Poporo fries come with mince meat which has been cooked and marinated in our green sauce, our fresh salad, some sour cream and a bit of cheese. The contrast of flavours from the acidity of the salad, the sourness of the cream to the almost sweetness of the green chili sauce is a combination worth trying.


Churros con chocolate or sin chocolate –with or without our chocolate dip -  your choice, but if you buy them be warned that you’ll want more!

Nobody really knows the origins of churros, but most people relate them to Spain. In Finland there are "munkkis" which are of similar taste but look completely different. Your churros will be served fresh and hot with a chocolate sauce, coffee, tea or just as they are - delicious!

Why poporo?

Poporo is a restaurant producing good South-American streetfood

what can you expect

You will experience food as never before

  • Arepa: True Colombian style corn bread with a filling of your choice.
  • Empanada: Delicious salty pastry
  • South-American style food treats